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Your own in-house auction platform and appraisal tool

Take control of your trade vehicles. 

We set you up with your own auction platform enabling you to sell your trade vehicles easily, quickly and for more money.  There are no sellers fees and buyers apply directly to you to become a buyer.

Dealers using the platform are achieving and extra £600 per vehicle.

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Trade, stock or potential part-exchanges are appraised and added to your own trade auction platform.  Buyers apply directly to you via the platform.  You accept the ones you want.  The buyers bid within 5 – 20 minutes of the vehicle going live.  This enables you to close deals in the showroom or move stock on quickly.


You are given access to the online appraisal App. It links directly with CAP HPI. Once you are happy with the appraisal the buyers are notified

Close deals

As you can use the tool to appraise potential part-exchanges our dealers are finding they close more deals


From the description, uniformed images CAP HPI and MOT Advisories the buyers bids with confidence

Time to bid

Whilst most buyers bid within 5 to 20 minutes you can leave the vehicle live to attract more bids if required

Winning bid

All bids are seen by you. This enables you to secure more sales if some bids are close but not quite good enough


As soon as a vehicle is sold the invoice details are emailed to admin to raise the invoice


Payment is made within 48 hours from invoicing


You can either set the delivery option or ensure the buyer collects within 48 hours of payment

Online arbitration

If there are any issues regarding condition or description the process is all online and there is an independent arbitrator

  • Vehicle appraisal tool linked directly to a trade bidding platform

Why BASolution?

We see and hear of the frustration that our clients have selling and sourcing stock.  Good stock is hard to find and there are many different platforms to buy from.  Our aim is to focus on putting the buyer and seller together with the least amount of friction and we will work hard for both parties. 

We are here to solve some of the common problems:

For the seller

- Often third parties benefit from your prime part exchanges

- Limited space on site for trade vehicles, they need to be cleared quickly

- Cashflow pressure caused by delays selling trade vehicles

- Misdescribed vehicles caused trade losses

- Undervaluing part exchanges can lead to lost sales

- Large auctions taking big margins out of good trade stock

- Charged to sell your desirable stock

For the buyers

- Loss of confidence with some dealerships and large auction appraisal accuracy

- Travel miles to collect a vehicle that has been miss-described

- Treated unfairly by some sellers and auctions

- Limited stock

- Being bid up unfairly

- Car buying services buy desirable stock before you get chance to know it is available

- Large auction fees


The benefits to you as a seller

The entire team at BASolution have worked in car dealerships and understand the challenges faced each day.  We know disposing of trade stock needs to not take too much of your time and make sure you get the right amount back for them


No fee’s to sell

In fact we pay you £49 per car sold

Free collection

We can take care of the collection

Vehicle sold in advance

Sell you vehicles before they arrive

Accurate descriptions

Because our platform is easy and transparent

No payment hassle

We ensure all vehicles are paid for prior to collection

Profit increased

More money for your vehicles to help you close more sales


The benefits to you as a buyer

It is often said that selling cars is easy compared to buying them in the first place.  We understand this and want to make buying directly from dealerships as transparent and as easy as possible.  Let us take some of the risk out of it for you but in return we need your help.  Sellers will only use our platform if we make it easy and get them fair returns for their vehicles.  Bid well and fairly and we will get more and more stock for you. 


Unique stock

Access to some vehicles before they are on the market

Selected sellers

Only see vehicles from sellers you want to buy from

Delivery to doors

Vehicles delivered to you

Treated fairly

No subscription

 – Only pay if you win a car

We’ve established partnership with partners all over the globe.

Launched first in Holland as BAS in April 2019 by the end of the year over 6,000 vehicles had been sold through the platform. On average part-exchange prices increased by £600. This helped retailers close more deals, retain more profit and buyers enjoyed more stock availability.

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